At REPROBARCELONA we are specialists in the comprehensive and partial reform of homes, buildings, premises, industrial buildings and much more.

We have a large team of specialists capable of carrying out all the tasks that encompass the term comprehensive reform. We have the best professionals in their fields capable of working with high-quality materials to cover highly finished projects.

We also have an architecture and interior design service that can take your reform to another level.


At REPROBARCELONA we know that a partial home renovation is an improvement and renovation project that is carried out in a specific part of the home, instead of making changes to the entire house. This can include things like renovating the kitchen or bathroom, installing new flooring, or changing the windows and doors.

Partial home renovations can be less expensive and faster than a full home renovation, but they can still significantly improve the functionality and appearance of a home.

It is important to note that depending on the scope of the renovation, it may be necessary to obtain permits or meet certain safety and construction requirements.

A comprehensive home reform project is a complex project and requires the intervention of different professionals such as architects, engineers, plumbers and electricians. At REPROBARCELONA we have the best professionals in each sector.

It is important to plan and coordinate the project well to ensure that it will be completed efficiently and within the established budget.

In general, comprehensive reforms of a flat allow you to renovate and improve a home, adapting it to the needs and tastes of the owner. This can increase the value and comfort of the apartment, making it a more pleasant and functional place to live.

What is this service about?

Turnkey is a service previously arranged with the owner. REPROBARCELONA agrees on a closed price together with a specific period of time, we take care of everything.

We take care of defining the design of the space with the requirements and guidelines that the client indicates to us and thus begin with the project of the work.

We must acquire the necessary technical documents for the execution of the project, the request for municipal licenses and technological components. We also take care of the construction, assembly and the request for supplies.

The main objective is to execute all the work until its complete completion as stipulated in the initial contract.


The rehabilitation of a building is an issue that affects both large and small owners. All buildings have a useful life more or less limited by the quality of the materials and the passage of time. That is why it is necessary to carry out rehabilitations to the buildings.

The rehabilitation of buildings can be partial or integral, depending on whether or not it affects the total building and facilities.


Repairs and maintenance of water pipes, drainage systems and central heating in homes and businesses.


Installations, maintenance, fault detection and repairs of electrical installations.


Modifications of partitions, elaboration and isolation of work holes, construction of arches and other works with shoring and shoring.


Decorations and protections of walls, roofs and other interior or exterior surfaces through the application of quality paint.